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Derrick Dye: First Class Travel for Pennies on the Dollar, Elevate Your Life With Award Travel #9

October 27, 2022 Nathan Hurd
Rich Life Lab
Derrick Dye: First Class Travel for Pennies on the Dollar, Elevate Your Life With Award Travel #9
Show Notes

This week I sat down with Derrick Dye, the co-founder of one of the largest award travel blogs and Facebook communities, Travel-on-Point(s).  A practicing trial lawyer by day, he and his wife, Sarah, became fascinated with award travel and have built on of the largest travel blogs and communities, Travel-on-Point(s), up from scratch starting in 2019.  Their community is known for being especially supportive and responsive to people who are getting started and learning the points and miles world.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about how enriching travel can be in life, the huge difference luxury travel makes to the experience, the foundational building blocks of award travel, how to build a strategy for your own life, why every financial plan should include award travel and so much more. 

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Show Notes: 

  • The virtues and enrichment that comes from travel. [13:15 ]
  • The story of how he got into award travel.  [18:35]
  • Derrick explains what's possible with award travel. [25:30]
  • The many upgrades between luxury travel and standard.  [28:20]
  • What Travel-On-Points does differently from all the other award travel blogs. [31:00]
  • Valuation of points as a “currency” explained [34:20]
  • The biggest misconceptions people have about points and miles. [37:25]
  • The foundational pillars for success and core concepts to build a strategy. [42:55]
  • Biggest mistakes people make in earning points and miles.  [48:00]
  • How to get started initially [51:25]
  • Derrick explains what he would do if he was starting over. [55:40]
  • Derrick shares some of the expert secrets and misconceptions most travelers don’t understand [59:15]
  • Several tactics to simplify the process of managing your award travel strategy, keeping track of various cards, etc. [1:02:45]
  • Hotel status, which chains are worth pursuing and what you’re entitled to with various levels of status [1:06:45}
  • Why points and miles should be considered a financial tool and part of a financial budget [1:11:26]
  • The value of the community, the shared interest of travel and shares about a few bucket-list trips they have taken with friends. [1:16:46]